Yoga Pranayama & Meditation Club

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Club

Yoga has become more popular.

Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Club was established to allow students to explore the meditative and therapeutic yogic practices which help improve and maintain one's personal well being. Pranayama and meditation are the most common yogic practices around the world and are extremely beneficial for health. Yoga is practised worldwide and is well known to help people achieve their highest potential. The art of Yoga and Meditation helps discipline one's mind, soul and body. It helps increase self-control, self-awareness, concentration and good physical and mental health. The Yoga and Meditation club focuses on teaching and practising exercises like pranayama, relaxation, breath control, meditation, suryanamaskar etc.

The club intends to promote mental stress awareness and anxiety awareness. The ulterior motive of this club is to acknowledge and provide students with a way to deal and cope with the numerous mental and physical problems via Yoga and meditation. Club members are relentless in their efforts to create more awareness about the pros of Yoga and are tasked with organizing events on a weekly or monthly basis. The art of Yoga helps integrate moral values and enhance self-realization and awareness among students. Yoga helps in treating certain physical difficulties and makes one's body active and healthy. On the other note, meditation sharpens one's memory and grasping power.

Step into the world of spirituality and meditation by learning more about the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Yoga.

Try the club activities and yoga practices for an active and healthier lifestyle!

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