Food Club

Food Club

It's gonna be a delicious journey!

The main purpose of our Food Club at RGI is to celebrate life and different cultures through food. The club members can share and exchange their ideas on food by gatherings, discussions, and various activities that include food. Food is a great way for coming together to blend with diverse minds and diverse tastebuds. This would bring together students and help them diversify their club

community and unfold numerous possibilities through sharing food stories, traditional recipes, and many other things that brings them together for their passion for food.

There are many reasons one can have to be a part of the food club. In addition to being super fun, there's always a lot to learn. The members can exchange new techniques, the origin of ingredients, a specific skill or shortcut, and much more.

The cooking club members can gather regularly or as per their schedules and explore food-related activities, take on a cooking project, or explore cuisines from different cultures. Many individuals may have knowledge or expertise in a certain section that they might like to share and teach others about.

Apart from this being so amusing, something amazing is always brewing in our food club when a group of edible enthusiasts come together, roll up their sleeves, and cook something delicious!

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