Book Review Club

Book Review Club

Our Book Review Club is for the students who share a common interest in books. This club is open to anyone willing to read, review and discuss books and to become a member. Members of this club post reviews on books they have read and discuss the books with other members of the club.

If you love books, the book review club is something for you. This is a club formed by people who love to read and give their opinion about the books they have read. The club is formed with a target to read different books from different authors, genres and publishers.

The meetings at the club can become quite exciting and open new doors in terms of your relationship with the people in the group.

Our club is designed to let readers gain the most from books by reading the book together and discussing it informally. It is not a book club where members sit down for dinner and a formal discussion, although it can be like that. The point of the book review club is to meet, each with a copy of the book, for a short informal discussion. You get exposure to new and exciting literature, learn about new authors, and so much more. When it comes to the pleasure one gets by reading his/her duly adored book, it's difficult for one to raise a price for it, especially those that they have been waiting for a long time.

At our Book Review Club, book lovers can meet at a particular time and place for the sole purpose of reading and discussing a book that has been chosen for the meeting. However, not all participants need to read all of the books. Some of the best discussions and reviews happen when some members haven’t finished the book. There are no such rules in a book review club. Each member is free to state opinions and ask questions and counter statements as they see fit.

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