Baker’s Club

Baker’s Club

What is baking, if not love, in an edible form?

Our baking club is where our students come together to learn the basics of baking and attempt to bake a dish out of their own choice. These activities are generally organized by the students of our college who have a passion for baking. These young bakers gather fellow students with similar interests in the activity class and ask them to participate. The basic cooking knowledge is gained by the club guidance support member or a trained professional from the industry. It is a fun activity because you get to eat your own creation. The main motive for organizing activities of this kind for the students is because it makes them feel accomplished and gives them a chance to prepare something completely on their own.

Baking classes are ideal for anyone who has an interest in baking and wants to improve his or her skills. In our activity classes, students learn about the ingredients and how to use them. They also get to bake with experts, which opens their eyes to how the pros do it. Many classes are held by professional bakers from the industry, who share recipes from their cultures. Sometimes the classes are held on a certain theme, such as a bread-making class, where students learn about ingredients and common types of bread.

At our Baking club, students who have a keen interest in baking delicacies or wish to learn how to bake can meet regularly to exchange their ideas and methods. Our students can undertake a major cooking project or explore an unfamiliar cuisine with the help of expert professionals in the industry under the guidance of their faculty. The benefits are often the sharing of labour and ingredients that stir up to make something interesting! Other reasons are that a person may have expertise in a particular area that they are willing to share with others.

But actually, the main reason is that it becomes more fun when a group of people get together, roll up their sleeves and cook something delicious. You will surely love being part of this our baker's club for many delectable reasons!

Apart from being great fun, you can always learn something from your fellow cooks (club members): a new technique, a new source of ingredients, a shortcut. We're sure you'll end up baking a ton of amazing dishes and fall in love with what you bake.

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