Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship Club

Entrepreneurship club will help students to turn their ideas and passions

Entrepreneurship club was established to help students turn their ideas and passions into business ventures and help their business ideas to take shape. The Entrepreneurship Club cultivates and equips business people for the future and strives to provide them with the guidance and resources to benefit and develop their entrepreneurial growth. Promoting the development of future business leaders is the goal of the Entrepreneurship Club.

Emphasis is put on teaching students good business ethics and decision making for Maximizing Profit. Entrepreneurship club is an asset to any college campus to jump on the startup wave riding across the nation.

The Club is a platform for budding entrepreneurs to meet virtually or in-person and learn from others about businesses, ideas and how to take the initiative. Our Club moves ahead with an objective to teach its students the business ethics, cost and financial analysis and management, basic marketing and operational strategies who wish to establish a startup.

Training students to gain essential business insights and skills which motivates them to stop and step out of their comfort bubbles is what we aim for. The Club often arranges talk sessions, events and discussions with entrepreneurs, business persons and local and global business giants.

Come and be a part of creating the future, not predicting it.

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