About Us

Raisoni Student Clubs encourages students to establish, join and partake in numerous College Club Activities.

Raisoni Student Clubs community promotes communication among students, management decisions and skills and offers ample opportunities to learn, explore and evolve.

We're here to help students find activities they enjoy by bringing together a community of Clubs. Everything and anything that helps students' cultural, academic, and dynamic growth is encouraged at RGI. Raisoni Student Clubs is an amazing place for students to collaborate with others and operate their Clubs in a fun yet advanced and systematic way. Learning professionalism, management and growing by participating in the Club Events is something to look forward to!

By joining our community, you can be an integral part of a club, keep track of its activities, arrange events, and let people know about your achievements.

There are numerous Clubs in a college, and that’s precisely why we have all the Clubs and their events sorted for you.

Explore the clubs, read about the events and Sign Up for the Activities you wish to participate in. You can choose the filter to select your college and find the clubs you want to know about.