Cultural Club

Cultural Club

The beauty of this world lies in the diversity of its people.

The cultural Club at RGI aims at bringing people together from different cultures and interests and helping them develop long-lasting relationships. The Club has organized various major events on the campus like Freshers party, farewell, talent shows, cultural events etc. and celebrated festivities by bringing the students together under one roof.

The Club provides an active platform for students to showcase their intrapersonal, social and management skills. The numerous events help students gain confidence, increase their networks, learn about student and festivities management, and think outside the box in times of crisis. The main objective of the Cultural Club is to bring together diverse cultures and participate in the festivities with established mutual respect and understanding.

The Club promotes teamwork, self-presentation, communication skills, time management, collaboration and organizational skills. The Club teaches you to understand and act in the most efficient way in a time of concern, absorb criticism to better yourself, and have a positive outlook on life and work. Come! Be a part of our cultural club.

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