Robotics Club

Robotics Club

Robotics is a subdivision of engineering.

Robotics is a subdivision of engineering and technology that deals with the application, design, construction, operation, manufacturing of robots.

The Robotics Club strives to do research, designing and building new robots easier for students by providing various resources that promote the overall growth of students. The Club was established to promote the field of robotics and open a whole new world of career opportunities this field has to offer. The Club stands to unite students in an educational environment and provide them with a place to trail their interests in mechanical, electronic, and software design by working on large and small scale robotics projects.

It will be solely governed by students and guided by a faculty member. The club participants are taught to create, develop, design and implement the applications of robotics in a very active and resourceful environment.

A club's features are its goals, organized work structure, and driven members that help the Club grow. Today, the Club is a great platform for students to display and develop their machine building skills and knowledge.

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