Kindness Club

Kindness Club

Kindness Club advocates generosity, compassion and a positive.

Kindness Club advocates generosity, compassion and a positive culture established through student-led community service projects and events.

Kindness club is open to all students, teachers, and any college faculty interested in helping others and making our institution a better place. This Club has been established with a vision to inculcate kindness, compassion, empathy, and generosity through different projects of the projects are conceived and driven by the student members. The club activities enable students to learn and understand the importance of leadership, collaboration, flexibility, and the spirit of giving.

The Club is a community of compassionate youngsters who wish to face the issues regarding the vulnerable part of the society and find a way to help them through donations, charity events, providing supplies and resources for hygiene, education, food and medicine. The Club arranges numerous community events in order to procure the resources that will go towards supporting the vulnerable members of the society.

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