Yoga Club

Yoga Club

Yoga has become more popular.

Since time immemorial, Yoga has become more popular than it has ever been amidst people of all ages and interests. It is one of the most gentle and effective ways of exercise which can be mastered by anyone, irrespective of their age or fitness grades.

Yoga comes with absolutely zero cons and a neverending list of pros. To practice yoga is to bring your mind and body in sync and achieve control and concentration in various ways. Undoubtedly yoga has a universal appeal for the numerous benefits it provides on all levels- beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Yoga & Meditation Club enable you to explore the yogic practices which are meditative and therapeutic. Step into the world of spirituality and meditation by learning more about the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of Yoga.

Yoga is practised worldwide and is well known to help people achieve their highest potential. The art of Yoga and Meditation helps discipline one's mind, soul and body and helps increase self-control, self-awareness, concentration and good health. The Yoga and Meditation club teaches and practices exercises like deep breathing, relaxation, breath control, mediation, etc.

The objective of the Yoga and Meditation club is to promote mental stress and anxiety awareness and acknowledgement and provide them with a solution via Yoga and meditation. The Club strives to integrate moral values and enhance self-realization and awareness among students. Yoga undoubtedly helps in treating certain physical difficulties and makes one's body active. Moreover, meditation sharpens one's memory and grasping power.

We understand the importance of practising healthy habits for one's greater well being, and we don't wish our students to miss out on this.

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