Photography Club

Photography Club

Capture your talent with us.

Being in a photography club is being a part of creativity and aesthetic art. Photography is an aesthetic art to capture the beauty in life and nature. Our photography club has been established to polish and help budding photographers grow with individuals of the same interest.

Our students get to choose what they wish to learn. Be it phone photography or DSLR photography. It doesn't really matter what kind of camera or device you shoot with, because it's the photographer who makes the shot amazing, not the gear.

Photography is a very productive hobby and has proven to be very popular among young and eager minds. Our club focuses on bringing these minds together and providing them with a creative environment to bloom and nurture wherever they are planted.

The students get to learn many of the technicalities involved in digital as well as film-based photography, phone photography, and shoots. They also get a chance to meet and learn from experienced professionals with modern gadgets.

Our main objective of the photography club is to encourage photographic interest within the students and provide them with an artistic atmosphere to exchange ideas and share their productive experiences. Our club encourages anyone to come and practice photography, regardless of their experience level.

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