Hapiness Club

Hapiness Club

The happiness levels used to be quite high.

The happiness levels used to be quite high when we led simple lives and lived in a slow-paced environment. But as one grows up, anxiety, stress, and work pressure increases. Our stability and mental health switches to the back seat for a while. To overcome this problem and to spread as much happiness as possible, we've established the Happiness Club!

Happiness Club is a community of people who wish to celebrate life as it comes along. The Club operates by sharing special moments and working to promote positivity and happiness in and around the Club.

The Club's objective is to make every blessing count and be grateful and optimistic about every opportunity you get.

The Club organizes sessions, meetings and talks for its members. It makes it a point to make people aware of mental health issues, health and hygiene, women empowerment, education, etc. Seminars on stress and anger management, gender studies and equality, socialism and psychology, conflict management etc., are widely discussed in the club sessions.

The Happiness Club exists to promote a happy and positive outlook on life, and the sessions conducted help you grow into a person who's aware, observant and compassionate.

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