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International Women’s day –2022, #BreakTheBias”

International Women’s day –2022, #BreakTheBias”

Todna hai har pinjara, meri udaan abhi baki hai

Todna hai har pinjara meri udaan abhi baki hai

Manzile bhar nahi Asmaan abhi baki hai

Lehero ko thamna nahi, samandar ki bebasi

Bahar khamoshi sahi bhitar kayi tofaan abhi baki hai

On 12th of March 2022, Department of Management studies at GH Raisoni Institute of Business Management, Jalgaon has celebrated international women’s day where students from diverse backgrounds such as Management, Engineering, and Computer Application, has participated with full of enthusiasm and spirit and with the motive of gender equality. The Break the Bias to bring gender equality  was theme released  by International’s Women Day and  was organized for one complete week was concluded by panel discussion along with musical performance, dance show , Poster presentation and open forum .

The Panelist were Dr. Rekha Mahajan &  Director Dr. Preeti Agrawal who  inspires the room with their  success story.

Associate Professor  Dr. Jyoti Jakhete -moderator setting  the tone for Panel Discussion: “ Women Breaking The Bias at own Workplaces” 

The  story shared by Dr. Rekha Mahajan from “ Passion to Profession” who is director of Aryan Resort at Jalgaon (Maharashtra)  was  particularly significant, since she represent women succeeding against the odds in contexts where she  continue to be underrepresented and often undervalued. As a  dynamic human resource manager, she works with team of Adivasi, rural tribal villagers by training them the required skill-sets of agro-tourism industry and make experience as unique, homely and comfortable as possible for the customers. She believes in an inclusive work culture

Being completed her post graduation from Bits Pilani in hospital  Management she is managing her own 50 beded Super speciality ‘Mahajan Hospital’ since last 30 years very efficiently.

Her Passion in Tourism and agriculture resulted in creating  best agro Tourism in khandesh named "Aryan Eco Resort" Dr. Rekha is trying to preserve nature and give best services in ecotourism for all age groups. She appreciated the work done by rural women who are not just smashing stereotypes, but also transforming their industries and in many cases our collective futures through their innovative and trailblazing work, by responding to sustainability challenges and climate change. She believes that degree is incomplete without skills and if you have to sustain in this world you need to be skilled.

Dr. Rekha Mahajan, sharing her entrepreneurial story of Agri-tourism on celebration of “International Women’s Day” 

 Dr. Preeti Agrawal, Director GHRIBM sharing her journey from Preeti Agrawal to Dr. Preeti Agrawal & beyond as a  Director of  GHRIBM on “ Break The Bias” –To bring gender equity , on the celebration of International Women’s Day 2022.

To add the flavor of differentiation to her story Director of GHRIBM Dr.Preeti Agrawal share her transformation from Preeti Agrawal to Dr. Preeti Agrawal as a Director of renowned Management institute. She express that it is internal barrier that is holding women back in the workplace and said she believes in gender equity and to create a diverse work environment, a support from own family members is needed . She urge the male students to learn to share equal responsibility at home by contributing in household task. She said that let us confess that how lucky we are to be born in an era that has allowed us this freedom & let us appreciative and take the opportunity. She said we need to stop putting labels on girls that she is bossy and men that he is emotional. The bias starts from home and our society’s perception towards girls and boys.

She also urge that empowerment of women is possible through taking charge of their finances. So a financial literacy. And positive attitude toward work place environment is required for success

Dr. Preeti Agrawal , Director of GHRIBM took the  opportunity to publicly recognize and express her grateful appreciation for the invaluable work done by Dr. Rekha Mahajan by felicitating and offering a Virangana Puraskar  for Women Entrepreneur- in Agro tourism industry highlighting the contributions and impact made in the society.  Director Dr. Agrawal also appreciated all women power in form of faculty members, Women Alumni & female staff across RGI Group that contribute in  making Vibrant learning ecosystem  & a role model for our society and that do so while challenging and breaking gender biases across society, each and every day. She also appreciated the supportive work environment created across RGI group of institutions through the vision of Chairman , Shri Sunilji Raisoni & Executive director , Mr. Pritam Raisoni  by  their constant support.

The appreciation award was embedded in regional language Marathi, which was read out loudly by Prof. Kalyani Neve.

Students shared their perspectives, poems, speech on the theme and has conducted poster presentation on the theme pertaining to gender equality, break the bias and a dance performance flashing womanhood. Students expressed their views and in form of poems, speech to create awareness against the common challenges faced by women.

Poster Presentation Competition:  The Best poster presentation was awarded to  

1) Sayyed Faisal Ali Zahur Ali (MBA 1st year)

2) Mohammad Sohail Shakil Patel (MBA 1st year)

3) Mohd. Rehan Gulam Mustafa (MBA 1st year)

4) Saiyyad Altamash Ali Nasir Ali (MCA 1st year)

5) Saiyyad Masud Ali Akeb Ali (MCA 1st year), in which the students presented how different religions have prescribed in their holy books the significance of  love & respect for women. 

Program was  coordinated by students volunteers from MBA Ist year & second year students   Samiksha S. Sharma and Sakshi A. Wani anchored the program.

 A strong commitment from audience was reflected in form of below Pledge which was taken by the audience to create awareness of Gender Bias. 

GHRIBM Jalgaon Campus, Taking Pledge on the celebration of  International Women’s Day 2022.

 Together, we can all break the bias – on International Women’s Day (IWD) and beyond. 

We can break the bias in our communities. 

We can break the bias in our workplaces. 

We can break the bias in our schools, colleges and universities. 

By leading by example; being aware of the benefits of a more diverse workforce and leadership.
 In doing this the world will be a better place; making more informed, valuable decisions and celebrating the best talent.

Vote of thanks was proposed by Prof. Shriya Kogta  who also expressed that she is blessed to work in an institute headed by  women  leadership .