Coding Club

Coding Club

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The Coding Club offers an incredible opportunity to learn the basics of computer programming in a team setting. The Club focuses on creating and learning newer computer languages, different applications, new websites, more interactive games, stem/steam workshops, and other projects to share with LCC and the community.

This Club is a promising place for aspiring coders and video game lovers alike. It has a rich history of taking fun and skill to new levels and developing a coder's toolkit through collaborative game design challenges.

Young coders can learn game designs and computer science concepts, website designing, creating and playing fun Roblox games with their class and instructor. Each month, club members will add a new coding element to their toolkit as their instructor demonstrates programming techniques and gives them numerous practical challenges to put them to work.

The Coding Club is amongst the most active clubs of RGI. With so many aspiring coders at RGI, we wish to create a gateway for the people in our institutions to join the coding community. We strive to create a platform that helps students gain assistance and mentorship to enhance their coding ability further. At RGI, we wish to provide coders with an opportunity to learn how to code and develop a newfound passion for it. We can't have our students looking for a good start somewhere else. Hence the Coding Club was established to provide our students with the best learning opportunities.

The Coding Club will provide the students with basic and advanced programming knowledge and help them polish their skills. The Club will help them resume building, skill acquisition and future opportunities. It will also make advanced knowledge in programming languages sessions accessible to develop their programming skills, tools for ecological analysis, and other coding disciplines.

The Coding Club will allow students to gain practical experience by organizing coding events, games, contests and sessions and gain knowledge in a non-traditional way promoting their dynamic and academic growth.

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